Main Aims:

  1. To provide accommodation and tenancy management coaching and guidance for people who experience emotional distress, who have a disability and/or who are vulnerable.
  1. To provide accommodation for people who have difficulty accessing and/or maintaining accommodation without help and support and/or who:

1.1 have low or no income,

1.2 have poor or no credit history,

1.3 are unable to raise a rent deposit

  1. To provide support and training for individuals within these client groups to help them gain greater confidence, life skills and independence.

In order to achieve these objectives, we envisage:

  • working in partnership with both the statutory and private sectors to secure property, obtain referrals and ensure access to relevant information, guidance and services
  • providing a full, guaranteed property management service to assist and encourage landlords to work with us
  • delivering a tenancy coaching and guidance service to enable beneficiaries to set up and maintain a tenancy

Before we can do any of these things however, we need money – specifically for establishing a fund to back up Rent and Property Guarantee Bonds in order make this and attractive service for property owners.

The Stone Foundation has now taken on the lease and full management responsibilities of stock that was owned or leased by Mavam Estates.  This ensures that Suffolk County Council’s good practice guidelines in respect of separating the roles of landlord from the support are adhered to.  It also provides a source of income to enable us to carry out our objectives.

We have set up service level agreements with both Mavam supported Housing and the YLOH team for the provision of support to our tenants in that accommodation.

However, we are still a long way from being able to provide a home and support for everyone who needs it as we don’t have anywhere near the amount of property available.

In the meantime, if any property owner is interested in working with us, or if there is anyone out there with available funds please do get in touch!