The Stone Foundation is a brand new Charity set up and partially funded by the Mavam Group.

The main aim is to provide housing and tenancy support for vulnerable people who have difficulty, for whatever reason, accessing or maintaining accommodation themselves.

We hope to achieve this through working in partnership with local authorities and the private sector alike to ensure appropriate referrals are made and suitable property is sourced.

Demand for this type of service is huge at a time when housing is in relatively short supply and housing costs are rising. However, by working in partnership with others to secure properties that are not being used for instance and by offering an attractive, competitive and assured service to landlords, we feel the aims of the organisation can be achieved in due course.

Although the Charity is a completely independent organisation with its own Constitution and board of Trustees, it will be working very closely with Mavam Supported Housing and YLOH, replicating its ethos to meet need in the most appropriate, innovative and sustainable ways. As such, the support of Trustees has been sought according to their belief in the issues, their skills, knowledge and experience and their general life philosophies, which will enable the charity to function effectively and lend credibility to its purpose.

The Stone Foundation has been set up in response primarily to the need for move-on accommodation for people currently in living in supported accommodation in Suffolk.


Historically, most people have moved into the Social Housing sector but this is now becoming increasingly difficult due to increased demands on the one bedroomed flats usually required by people in these circumstances.  Apart from the obvious impact on waiting times and silting up of much needed supported housing, the limited choices available means that people often end up living in a flat on a large council estate where lack of a sense of community can lead to social isolation that can impact on their mental wellbeing.

Additionally, there is a distinct lack of housing options generally for people who experience or have experienced mental or emotional distress or any other sort of ‘disability’ and who are ‘vulnerable’. In fact the strong correlation between mental ill health and homelessness is well documented. Few private sector landlords in Suffolk will accept people who are not employed and/or who have no credit history, a situation which applies to many people who come into this category. There is also a limited supply of property in the private rented sector meaning that landlords have greater choice as to rent levels as well as prospective tenant.

The services offered by the Charity will not only help current and prospective tenants who need support but will also help Local Authorities carry out some of their housing related functions for vulnerable homeless people and as well as the mental health and learning disability supported housing services by enabling move-on.